Lighting Foundations

Lighting Foundations

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Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. manufactures the CHANCE Instant Foundation® System to provide resistance to lateral loads and moment loads due to wind and other load conditions. The versatility and ease of construction of this system permits great flexibility in a number of applications.

For product selection, please free to utilize Chance’s Select-A Base Online Tool by clicking the picture below.


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Save Time & Money

Fast installation
Smaller crews
Immediate loading and wiring
Eliminates need for expensive anchor bolts


Solve Difficult Site Problems

Limited access areas
Frost heave
No vibration to disturb area
Use standard equipment to install
No excavation or spoils removal
All weather installation
On-site load test capability


Green Alternative to Concrete

No water required for helical foundations
Easily removed
Low environmental impact installation carbon footprint
Made with recycled materials
Sustainable – reusable
Efficient installation reduces carbon footprint


Decorative / Architectural Lighting

  • School Campuses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Residential Complexes
  • Civic & Recreational Areas
  • Hospitals




D.O.T. / Utility

  • Streetlight Foundations
  • Municipal Streets
  • Telephones
  • Traffic Control Foundations
  • Cellular Towers and Local Equipment Support
  • Roadway Signs
  • Padmounted Power Gear
  • Bumper Posts






Area / Site Lighting

  • Parking Lot Lighting Foundations
  • Strip Mall Lighting
  • Stadium / Ballpark Lighting
  • Business Area Lighting





CHANCE Anti-Theft Lighting Foundations

Chance Ant-Theft Lighting Foundations