New Construction

Solid Advantages

  • Fast installation and immediate loading
  • Pre-engineered system
  • Eliminates high-mobilization costs associated with driven piles and drilled shafts
  • Instant torque-to-capacity feedback for production control
  • Easily modified in the field
  • No need for concrete to cure
  • Uses common construction equipment that can be easily modified for installation
  • Easy to use in limited access sites, high water tables and weak surface soils
  • No need to remove spoils
  • No casings required for flowable sands, soft clays or organic soils
  • Minimizes soil disturbance during installation
  • Installs in any weather
  • No vibration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hot dipped galvanizing to ASTM A-153
  • ISO 9001 certification.


new construction 2


Below is a link for a brochure covering new construction applications.