CHANCE Helical Piering System

The screw pile foundation system is known for its ease and speed of installation.  Installation generally requires no removal of soil, so there are no spoils to dispose of.  Installation causes displacement of soils for the most part.  However, in the case of a foudnation with a pipe shaft, some soil will enter the interior of the pipe until it becomes plugged.  Installation equipment can be mounted on vehicles when required.  The installation of a screw pile for practical purposes is vibration free.  These features make the screw pile foundation attractive on sites that are environmentally sensitive.  Installations near existing foundations or footings generally cause no problems.  However, the screw pile foundation generally cannot be installed into compentent rock or concrete.  Penetration will cease when materials of this nature are encountered.


ATLAS Resistance Piering System

Atlas Resistance® Piers have been used to restore and/or stabilize homes and commercial structures that had settled. True end-bearing Atlas Resistance Piers are sold and installed only by contractors trained by Atlas and authorized to recommend and provide appropriate solutions to a wide range of soil problems.

Typically, resistance piles are driven to the point of refusal using the weight of the structure for installation.  The benefits of this system include fast installation, no vibration, easily installed in limited access areas, end bearing, minimum disturbance to site, and all weather installation.